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Hickory Hills Middle School
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Headbands I madly tried to make for students without gifts.
 I need to start now for next year I guess.
Students exchanged gifts in class today. This had to do with their unit on Anne Frank. In the play she made gifts for all the people in the annex, even the ones she didn't like. It pulled the group together and changed some of the adults opinion of Anne herself. Many of them saw her as a superficial girl with little depth. They began to see another side of her and I would dare say even some respect developed at this point.

I was hoping that "making" gifts for each other would be an eye opening experience for them. Several kids did not end up getting gifts because someone "forgot" theirs at home or some kids just didn't show up so it made others do without. I made a few gifts to try to help ward off the no gift problem, but I didn't get anywhere enough made for the unfortunates who were forgotten.

I think they enjoyed their time and were genuinely grateful for what they got. That was good to see.
Those who ended up getting my contribution also seemed grateful. It takes time to make a gift. Many of the gifts were gifts of food, but those gifts were not liked any less. There were gifts of artwork and craft. One student received a hat knitted by a girl in the class. Wouldn't we all be more grateful if the gifts we received all had to be hand made?

I had one student come in at the end of the day hoping a present was left for him...it wasn't. Somehow I will have to address those feelings on the part of both the students who didn't give and the one who didn't receive. I'm not sure how that will work out.

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